Flock is small fibres made of cotton, polyamide, polyester or viscose which are applied to a wide variety of surfaces. There are many areas of application in the automotive industry and everywhere that plastic and metal parts are flocked. The principle is that an adhesive is applied to the carrier material and synthetic fibres are integrated into the surface perpendicularly in an electric field. After being dried and fixed, the fibres are firmly attached to the carrier material. This makes them resistant to washing, cleaning and extremely resistant to abrasion. Our technically perfected flocking machines are operated both manually and automatically. We work on equipment for applying adhesives and flocking which is operated manually, we use semi-automated machines or fully automated flocking lines. The choice of machine depends greatly on the product and how it will be used later.

Flocking techniques at PFT:

  • Automatically electrostatic
  • Manually electrostatic, air-supported
  • Automatically electrostatic, air-supported

Surface pre-treating at PFT:

  • Mechanical napping
  • Priming
  • Flame scarfing
  • Plasma activating
  • Fluorination – two-chamber fluoride gas reactor