Flock is a product with major potential for the future and can be used universally in the industry for some of the following examples:

  • In display packaging
  • In the form of flocked velvet as a case lining
  • In the automotive sector for window guide profiles and sealing profiles, in glove compartments and shelves, for motor covers to reduce noise and much more

Ask us without any obligation to you whether your product is suited to flocking and to find out more about the technical possibilities that we provide.

The flocking technique:

  • Step 1: In order to ensure optimum adhesion, the surface to be flocked is pre-treated as required.
  • Step 2: Areas which have to remain free of flock are covered carefully with suitable media.
  • Step 3: The adhesive layer is now applied using a spray gun, a roller, a brush, etc.
  • Step 4: Flocking is executed immediately following this. The electrostatically charged flocking fibres, which are positioned perpendicularly to the substrate, are shot into the fresh adhesive bed.
  • Step 5: The freshly flocked parts are transported to the ovens where – regulated by time and temperature – the curing process is completed.
  • Step 6: After curing has been completed, the flock is inextricably embedded and the adhesive remains stuck to the surface of the product for the life of the product. Finally, the refined products are then cleaned and packaged.